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  Bandie 77974429d9
Adding information about memory poisoning in man page. Fixing #109 1 year ago
  Bandie a2a088ae50
Integrate legal notice into pam_panic_config 1 year ago
  Bandie 880f3611b6
Legal notice, fixes #107 1 year ago
  Bandie d978311bb6
Code changes -> pot changes. 1 year ago
  Bandie b2f0d994e8
Polish translation from Dekster 1 year ago
  Christopher Teutsch 3d6680dc00
More Dutch translations 1 year ago
  Bandie e16062d994
Datos 1 year ago
  Bandie fc8094aedb
Fixes #5, thank you Coldlight Moon for revising 1 year ago
  Bandie e883de98b8
Strict mode added in man pages 1 year ago
  Bandie 90714490d1
Be technically right and specific 1 year ago
  Bandie 5e5574786f
Review from @rhaamo which closes #2 1 year ago
  Chris a19521d2d9
Translation for Dutch 1 year ago
  Bandie b033af5cfe
Fixes #71, MBR supportet. Additions to man pages. 2 years ago
  Bandie 372b0954da
Header 2 years ago
  Bandie 27c8ebd808
po4a Makefile 2 years ago
  Bandie c7907d9d1a
Translations + po4a config 2 years ago
  Bandie 62b0782251
Ayayayayayayay 2 years ago
  Bandie 242ff6b389
po4a.cfg and de 2 years ago