A simple Script that grabs satellite data (VIIRS) active fires and displays it on a map. Extremely slow as reverse geolocation (coordinates -> address) is rate-limited.

Updated 4 months ago

Shows Shodan2000 on a Raspberry Pi

Updated 9 months ago

Thermal printer automatically prints addresses and vendors of Wi-Fi devices nearby.

Updated 11 months ago

Thermal printer prints photos from Raspberry Pi camera.

Updated 1 year ago

Protect yourself from spammer and strange people

Updated 2 years ago

Automatische Generierung eines Kochbuchs für Plätzchen

Updated 10 months ago

Ein Heizberry für meine WG

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 4 years ago

Animationen für die Ceiling Pixel Lamp

Updated 2 years ago

An IRC bot written in python for paging someone over e*cityruf using mail.

Updated 3 years ago

For micropoc: Takes the XML file and generates a vCard (makes sense for Android and stuff)

Updated 3 years ago

Execute commands remotely in a secure way

Updated 3 years ago