Protect yourself from spammer and strange people
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The Idea

The idea behind this bot is that you want to take control on who can contact you. Usually you use a public accessible username (@ handles) to be reachable without sharing your telephone number. This also means that strangers could talk to you and annoy you. To prevent that, you could register a bot using and use this code to have actual contact requests. Also you could then disable the username in telegram.


  • Register a bot using BotFather
  • Put the API token in your .env file, looking like TOKEN='398iufewj9fierhfefiuosf'
  • Install python
  • Start the bot using python
  • Find your bot and /start it in Telegram
  • Claim your bot by typing /setup

How it works

People can /start and /request to contact you. If the being has no public username it will ask for their telephone number which is deniable though.


  • /setup - Write the forename and ID into the config. The forename is used to show to whom this bot belongs.
  • /block - Block a being. Use the ID to block.
  • /unblock - Unblock a being. Use the ID to unblock.
  • /blocklist - Get all IDs who are blocked.
  • /setname - Set the name which the bot will use.