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  Bandie 8bb7f10d84
New Config; foodoord for the basement/1st floor (_unten/_oben) 4 months ago
  Bandie 116ff5eba0
ed25519-Support 1 year ago
  Bandie 8856ba9cf4
New repo; Howto config 1 year ago
  gammlaa 7326d8f70d Bugfix for invalid keys-check 5 years ago
  gammlaa fe2b275779 Fix for missing LF 5 years ago
  m a3add44c29 Allow keys greater than 4096 bit 6 years ago
  Christian 7d38b27c05 Abhängigkeiten 6 years ago
  Christian c1de357149 Abhängigkeiten 6 years ago
  Christian 10516d232f Abhängigkeiten 6 years ago
  Christian e0dc1222ed Abhängigkeiten 6 years ago
  Christian 4b7406b60a Abhängigkeiten 6 years ago
  Christian 7d1df01a3e Abhängigkeiten 6 years ago
  Christian 1f7515a0ed Schüsselformate 6 years ago
  Christian a4539fae1d Schüsselformate 6 years ago
  Christian ef06d24202 Schüsselupdate 6 years ago
  Hauro e150a3589a Bugfix: Renamed update script 6 years ago
  Hauro 392e5b571d Renamed config file 6 years ago
  Hauro ae081bf69f Renamed update-keydb to foodoor-update-keydb 6 years ago
  Hauro 7c7cf0bfb0 Renamed gitlab-ssh-wrapper to foodoor-ssh-wrapper 6 years ago
  Hauro 2c001f6e6e Remove calls to cowsay 6 years ago
  Hauro 70dfc9025d Remove file extension from scripts 6 years ago
  Hauro c4edb6f7b6 Reformat key update script 6 years ago
  Hauro 017fa93157 Filter invalid keys 6 years ago
  Hauro 376d8ce115 Moved home directories to /var/lib/foodoor 6 years ago
  Hauro 2425380a23 Corrected wrong sections in config 6 years ago
  Christian d153f9a42e Merge branch 'master' of github.com:c3e/foodoord 6 years ago
  Christian 77dccc014d initscript added 6 years ago
  Timm c43d9314c5 "the statusbot must have a bug" *cough* 6 years ago
  Christian 4f0f6b5f95 New statusapi implemented 6 years ago
  Christian f20e1158ed set status to closeif foodoord is shutting down 6 years ago
  Christian f34461666e first commit 6 years ago