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Chaospott Status

Because we RiiR, we have ported our space status API to Rust.

Thanks a lot to axum the web app framework and the spaceapi crate, the initial work was a matter of a rainy evening. 🌧️🧑‍💻

The original code was written in PHP 🐘 by bandie.


Check out the tutorial.

To start the app, just cargo run --release as usual.

Find scripts for testing in scripts/.

Build / Deploy

While building the Docker Container, the sources will be cloned from this repository.

Set the environment variables to set the update secrets.

export consumer_key=foo
export consumer_secret=bar

docker compose up

Need help?

Ask chfkch, starblue, m0veax, CyReVolt or your favourite Rustacean. 🦀