Command explaination

Bandie 1 year ago
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@ -156,7 +156,13 @@ loadConfig()
commandsList = []
commandsList.append(BotCommand(command='start', description='Information about this bot.'))
if('name' in config):
commandsList.append(BotCommand(command='request', description='Request ' + config['name'] + ' for contact'))
commandsList.append(BotCommand(command='request', description='Send a contact request to ' + config['name']))
commandsList.append(BotCommand(command='block', description='Admin: Block a user. ID required. /block {ID}'))
commandsList.append(BotCommand(command='unblock', description='Admin: Unblock a user. ID required. /unblock {ID}'))
commandsList.append(BotCommand(command='blocklist', description='Admin: List the blocked IDs.'))
commandsList.append(BotCommand(command='setname', description='Admin: Set your name for information purposes. /setname {name}'))
if('adminID' not in config):