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Device to measure and display the CO2 concentration in environment. Builds upon: * Arduino Nano * WS2912 LED * 2x16 LCD * MH-Z19C sensor

Updated 5 months ago

Thermal printer prints photos from Raspberry Pi camera.

Updated 5 months ago

Full-size cocktail robot with eight peristaltic pumps.

Updated 6 months ago

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Tanzhut, der den Takt angibt.

Updated 6 months ago

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Cocktail robot to automatically dose rum for Tschunk.

Updated 6 months ago

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Automatic refiller for the slushice machine basing on a peristaltic pump.

Updated 6 months ago

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Material for recordings of Petit Foo talks.

Updated 6 months ago

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Automatische Generierung eines Kochbuchs für Plätzchen

Updated 1 month ago

Simple workadventure map of the foobar hackerspace

Updated 7 months ago