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# epvpn\_xml2vcard
For [EPVPN]( Takes the XML file you've downloaded before and generates a vCard (makes sense for Android and stuff).
## Usage
1. Get your brandnew™ EPVPN-XML file from the [EPVPN Phonebook]( Maybe save it as `phonebook.xml`.
2. If not already done, make it executable through `chmod +x epvpn_xml2vcard`.
3. Run `./epvpn_xml2vcard -i phonebook.xml -o epvpn.vcf`.
4. Now you have a file named `epvpn.vcf` ready to import to Android™®©qqre or somewhere else.
## FAQ
- Q: Why?
- A: I am too impatient to wait for Eventphone changing things. They're busy enough.