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Identification - Part 1

Control of domains and services

  • I do have control over the following domains, including its websites and DNS settings:

  • I do have a github account named

Identification - Part 2

Social accounts

I, Bandie [E2D7876915312785DC086BFCC1E133BC65A822DD], hereby claim the following statements:

(The following list is sorted by preference.)

  • I do have a matrix account named

    •, using the following device IDs for it:
      • SSVHQWDSGT (Laptop)
      • FGMLAYIHES (Mobile)
      • LXDQFNTWMB (Work)
  • I do have registered nicknames at the following IRC servers:

    • Bandie
    • Bandie
    • Bandie
  • I do have Mastodon accounts at

  • I do have an XMPP account named

    •, using the following OMEMO fingerprints
      • 1042197029 (Laptop)
        • E63CEF2D 502AC0F1 B640E386 897F1AB5 28D747CF D910A8A6 886D9D44 798ED456
      • 1831014212 (Smartphone)
        • 37DCBE1A A5CC0F31 9E1A1B17 F4570313 3A77E615 43E4E4C3 2A70263F A7973060
  • I do have the following Threema ID

    • NW94F7HM
  • I do have a scuttlebutt key pair whose real name is

    • @WplgA4skTYTDSY26QQMcctgL6Tle3Ol0LOznFCNkwxQ=.ed25519

Identification - Part 3

Excluding possible false identities

Any accounts that you witness using the name

  • "Bandie"
  • "bandie"
  • or any minor alteration of the names stated above that are not listed here

should assumed to be as fraudulent accounts operated by an imposter.

This document is signed by GPG and will be published at the following internet locations:

This document is kept up-to-date and was last updated at

Sat, 04 Jul 2020 15:20:56 +0200


P.S.: Thank you, @Sir_Boops, for preparing this document.