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  Bandie c7b049cc96
Usage of shred instead of rm 3 months ago
  Bandie 4b42d088eb
Excluding the EFI directory. Fixes #10 8 months ago
  Bandie d04a4e5151
gcry_sha512 in README 1 year ago
  Bandie a582827367
gcry_sha512 1 year ago
  Bandie 13345bc188
Bug: Changed script name 1 year ago
  Bandie ea242fd0af
Removing old scripts and install new one 1 year ago
  Bandie 271c8677d8
Renaming script names: grub2-.* to grub-.*, including grub.cfg for update-kernel-signature 1 year ago
  Bandie 99a860266a
Fallthrough fix 2 years ago
  Bandie dbb133b8f8
Version 0.1.2 3 years ago
  Bandie 5b2eece33b
Fixing Version 3 years ago
  Bandie 67fda5f9f6
Version++ 3 years ago
  Bandie 1acb840f94
Remove-Fix. 3 years ago
  Bandie 9299f5b00d
Using install instead of cp 3 years ago
  Bandie 2098b77656
AUR and list form 3 years ago
  Bandie 50dced4a9a
+AUTHORS 3 years ago
  Bandie 1b9253bfe0
Update Makefile 3 years ago
  Bandie e9b48b71a8
Fixing exit code error 3 years ago
  Bandie ed07f8de05
Formatting again. 3 years ago
  Bandie 87622ba6ec
Formatting 3 years ago
  Bandie 3118c632fe
tty 3 years ago
  Bandie d75a0ffb0c
Typo™ 3 years ago
  Bandie 3acb5c8d16
What about exit codes? 3 years ago
  Bandie 69c8e42637
Removing unnecessary variable 3 years ago
  Bandie c97bd1d37d
Handling of missing signatures 3 years ago
  Bandie Canis 6fb117571a Install fix <.< 3 years ago
  Bandie Canis 7259781961 I yoted it up. 3 years ago
  Bandie Canis fe07916a0e What kind of an animal wrote it like this? Possible a coyote. 3 years ago
  Bandie Canis eb5458f200 aaa 3 years ago
  Bandie Canis 1b49b45439 Using gpg's passphrase request; new script. 3 years ago
  Bandie Yip Kojote ea444b288b Merge pull request #2 from charles-dyfis-net/master 5 years ago
  Charles Duffy cc43d546b2 Follow best practices for bash 5 years ago
  Bandie Yip Kojote cc5618ac7f Make rm more safe. 5 years ago
  Bandie Kojote 25111c2ee5 Whops! 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote 87d77af4a0 Different versions 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote c97f201658 for corrected 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote 5cfea7218f Modules. 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote dfe955413b Additional exit codes added + better shredding 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote 5e4766cfa8 Comments and words. 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote d37cc28bf0 English is great. 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote 60520d4d7a Troubleshooting section 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote ce4118dcf8 `mount /boot` 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote 456ce340d2 Corrections 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote 71d72779e2 \_ lol 6 years ago
  Bandie Kojote 89131845f1 First commit and release. 6 years ago