Animationen für die Pixeldecke
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  1. Apps = [
  2. # juergen/pixelfoo
  3. {"guiname": "Colored noise", "name": "cnoise", "cmd": "apps/cnoise", "persistent": False},
  4. {"guiname": "Dual Moodlight", "name": "bimood", "cmd": "apps/bimood", "persistent": False},
  5. {"guiname": "Maze", "name": "maze", "cmd": "apps/maze", "persistent": False},
  6. {"guiname": "Dual Maze", "name": "dualmaze", "cmd": "apps/dualmaze", "persistent": False, "persistent": False},
  7. {"guiname": "Predator & Prey", "name": "predprey", "cmd": "apps/predprey", "persistent": False},
  8. ]