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Juergen Stuber
a6e654f4be Add RGBW support 2023-04-16 20:00:02 +02:00
Juergen Stuber
534ddba827 Receive in a thread to avoid blocking the window event handling 2023-04-16 19:13:11 +02:00
Juergen Stuber
80f8482a95 Allow an arbitrary number of additional arguments 2023-04-16 17:06:35 +02:00
Juergen Stuber
0bfe5f1a12 Remove explicit event handling to fix resize issue 2023-04-11 09:55:56 +02:00
Juergen Stuber
ed8abb74e6 Initial version
Works for the pixelfoo apps.

- Resizing the window is buggy.
- The frame rate argument has no effect.
- The update and render event logic should be reworked.
- Supports only single file executables, not interpreters with args
  (e.g. running an app as "python3" is not supported)
- Supports only RGB, not RGBW (yet)
2023-04-10 22:51:47 +02:00