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# Makefile for grub2-sign-extension
# Author: Bandie
# Licence: GNU-GPLv3
@printf "Nothing to make. Run make install.\n"
@printf "Check for old scripts and remove them...\n"
rm -f /usr/sbin/grub2-{verify,sign,unsign,update-kernel-signature}
install -D -m744 sbin/grub-verify /usr/sbin/grub-verify
install -D -m744 sbin/grub-sign /usr/sbin/grub-sign
install -D -m744 sbin/grub-unsign /usr/sbin/grub-unsign
install -D -m744 sbin/grub-update-kernel-signature /usr/sbin/grub-update-kernel-signature
@printf "Done.\n"
rm -f /usr/sbin/grub-{verify,sign,unsign,update-kernel-signature}
@printf "Done.\n"